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We at Marz Homes pride ourselves on building quality new homes and taking care of our homeowners throughout every step of the process.

This is why the Marz Homes team is excited to announce that we have once again been awarded the 2021 Home Owner Mark of Excellence Gold Award for Best Customer Experience in the medium volume single family home category.

We take great pride in receiving this award, as it is not an industry award, but decided by the homeowners. Throughout the building process, homeowners are surveyed after they have purchased their home, once they close, and a month after they have moved in. It is the results from these surveys that determines the award winner and the reason we hold this .

Our trades, suppliers, and staff work extremely hard to help build quality homes for new homeowners. Not only are we proud of our incredible office, service and décor teams, but we are so grateful for the partners and suppliers that help make the Canadian dream a reality.

Thank you to our entire team, to our trades and partners, and most of all, thank you to our homeowners.



Marz Homes